Ella. I wouldn't say I'm a big city girl stuck in a small town, more so a girl whose just stuck. Dreamer. Dying to live, living to die. London bound. I'm always told I have this way of acting both younger and older then I am. 17. Someday, I will change the world.
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"I’m sorry"

I don’t like being told “I’m sorry”. Sorry doesn’t fix anything…sorry is an easy way out.

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The effect of Mr. campbell dying is hitting me at once now and I can’t handle it. The CNS class of 2012 has been through so much. RIP Mr.Campbell. Although I never had you as a teacher when our paths crossed you always made me laugh. You were and are an amazing mentor and person. Rest in Peace up there big guy.

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"the kind of tired sleep can’t fix"

I feel as though everyday I do the same thing. Like I wake each morning expecting more, expecting something incredible to happen…or someone completely amazing to walk into my life. And when nothing happens, I’m let down, I’m hurt by really nothing at all. Everyone keeps telling me I’m in charge of my own life, that I control what happens. But I can’t help but feel like I’m letting myself down. I’ve always dreamed big. I’ve always pictured myself changing the world…..but life didn’t prepare me for the utter let down that is reality.

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Telling everyone about a new band, no one cares. The band becomes famous, everyone denies that you knew about them first #fangirlproblems — Fan Girl Problems (@fangrlproblem)

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Brit Awards LIVE STREAM - (Red carpet at 7pm UK time, the show at 8pm UK time)


Red carpet (ITV2):

Main show (ITV1):

(some links may work for red carpet AND the show, but I don’t know which ones)

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